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Jane Porter gives us the lowdown on why managers overestimate their ability to effectively coach their staff. 


IECL Level One Coaching Accreditation course is open for registrations for March 2020. These spots fill up fast, so get in quick!


Joseph Magara gives us the lowdown on Spek testing and details his journey from testing novice to SubjectSpek evangelist. Read here.


Are we witnessing the death of DevOps? Tristan Strathearn spills the tea on serverless infrastructure. Read here.

We believe all organisations have the potential to grow and become more impactful.

All the easy growth has gone.

Unlocking new growth is becoming increasingly difficult. Expectations of organisations and brands have never been higher. And the challenges we face today – as individuals, society and as a planet – can’t be solved with yesterday’s thinking.

Organisations must think and act differently.

They must close the gap between what they provide and what people need and want. They must move away from binary “either / or” thinking and embrace an integrated approach to the key growth drivers: people, creativity & technology. This means new approaches, new skills and new thinking.

We believe all brands and organisations have the potential to grow.

However, they need support to unlock this potential.
This is where GrowthOps helps.

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