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Joseph Magara

Understanding BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

We live in what has been called the information age. Undoubtedly, we today are the most connected and informed generation of human history. At the flick of a finger, we…

James Bracken

Why Copy-First Design Must Be Embraced

Website and Product Design gets everyone excited and rightly so. To create an excellent digital experience the user flow, page or screen layouts, interaction and visual design are critical factors….

Stewart Marshall

SEO Copywriting 101

It’s a fundamental part of website content, but what is SEO copywriting? How does it differ from copywriting as you may know it? This article will act as an SEO…

Vivian Phan

Spotify Ads, Are You Listening?

As an evolving platform, Spotify allows brands to not only tap into different music preferences but also capture them in different states of mind and experiment with the psychology of…

Tristan Strathearn

Late to the party? No problem. Meet serverless…

Cloud infrastructure and hosting solutions are evolving at a rapid pace. While it is still common for small applications to live on single isolated servers (physical, virtual, etc) – that’s…

Chris Butterworth

The social platform taking Gen Z by storm

An infinite stream of addictive videos on a platform with 1 billion app downloads worldwide. If you haven’t heard about TikTok, odds are you’re over the age of 24. The…

Joseph Magara

Android: Understanding Spek Tests (Part 1)

My experience with testing Early on in my career as a developer, I was what you could call a test enthusiast. When discussing tests and their importance with other developers,…

James Taylor

The GrowthOps crystal ball for Christmas 2019

Full disclosure; we don’t actually have a crystal ball. But we do have a dedicated Insights Team, along with a Consumer Research Panel of over 100,000 Australians, which is arguably…

Ian Jones

Putting ideas to the test

Successful ventures start by putting the flame to your ‘amazing idea’, writes Ian Jones (Snr. UX/UI Designer, GrowthOps) You have a brilliant idea for a new product or service. You…

Jessamy Ross

Flexible Work: The Difference a Day Makes

Until recently, even offering the hushed suggestion that an advertising agency might offer flexible work would have had you laughed out of the building (but not before 6pm, of course)….

Andres Castano

Google App Engine Benchmark

One of the core offerings we have at GrowthOps is our Beyond Agile methodology for software delivery, which is heavily supported by different managed platforms in the cloud. Our preferred option is Google…

Phil Cross

Reasons to love ‘running into gaps’

One of our guiding principles at GrowthOps is ‘Permission granted’. “You have the power and the permission. Go outside your comfort zone, nothing stays static, especially you, so step up…

Jane Porter

The Female Leader and Midlife

In this compelling piece, Jane Porter MCC, Head of Education courageously raises awareness of the “elephant” that senior women leaders face as they near or deal with midlife. I’m increasingly noticing…