Leader — GM Growth Marketing Services ANZ

Peeyoosh Chandra (PC)

GM Growth Marketing Services ANZ

Peeyoosh ‘PC’ Chandra is General Manager of GrowthOps’ Growth Marketing Services, and an evangelist for the power of insights gleaned from digital engagement. He’s a peer-recognised practitioner of integrated online marketing and has deep specialisation across e-commerce, CRM and Social.

PC’s passion for digital marketing was ignited by a transition from management consulting to advertising in 2007. The leadership experience he’s built across the telecommunications, banking, FMCG and automotive sectors has allowed him to develop unique insights into how customers engage with digital assets across a variety of industries.

What excites PC is how integrated digital marketing campaigns can address the growth challenges faced by brands today.

His focus at GrowthOps is on developing strategies that leverage the power of digital and social communication to drive growth for our customers through sustainable and positive changes in consumer behaviour.


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