The Movember Foundation is the only charity tackling men’s health on a global scale, raising awareness, funding projects, and changing behaviour to prevent men from dying too young. The Movember iOS mobile app plays a critical role in the initiative, particularly as a channel for recruitment and fundraising.

When the Foundation briefed GrowthOps to redevelop the app for their 2017 campaign, they set us clear and challenging objectives. They wanted more people to download the app, create profiles, form teams, and raise funds. They wanted users to move more and donate more.


  • App Development
  • Design and rollout

Movember wanted their users to move more and donate more.

The trusted advisor relationship we have with GrowthOps is unique … more than just software development, it’s the expertise, knowing where we should be going, and where we should invest our money.

Byron Hill
Chief Technology Officer, Movember Foundation



Increase in iOS sessions within the app.

Two key opportunities for increasing user acquisition and engagement.


Applying a growth strategy framework, we surfaced two key opportunities for increasing user acquisition and engagement: improving social integration (with the associated network effects), and simplifying and enhancing the user experience..

User psychology holds that designers can compensate for lower levels of motivation by making it easier for users to perform a target behaviour. So we employed a user-centred design process to dramatically streamline and simplify the Movember app interface.

At the same time, we drew on behavioural design principles like hot triggers, social proof, and habit loops to generate improved app feature concepts. Using an agile approach, we rapidly prototyped and iterated these features based on user feedback. The final app release included new features that enabled users to track their moustache growth progress and set a movement target.


The improved user experience triggered a cycle of positive reviews and downloads that boosted the Movember app to the Apple app store home page worldwide.

The app was featured worldwide on the App store homepage.



Increase in unique iOS users. The app featured worldwide on the AppStore.