How Google Cloud Platform’s data capabilities enabled a pharmacy network to interrogate their sales data and identify opportunities for growth in real time.

3 Weeks
Weeks to deliver
Data warehouse & reporting application
15 Minute
Transaction Data Updates
Available in the cloud
23 million
rows of transaction data
Available for reporting


Blooms The Chemist is a retail pharmacy network comprising 86 pharmacies across NSW, VIC and QLD. Blooms Management Services provides centralised services to the network, partnering with pharmacy owners to achieve sustainable growth.

Blooms’ key sales transaction data, which the business relied on to understand and respond to customer behaviour, was locked up in an outdated and unreliable reporting tool. It was error-prone and just not able to produce critical pharmacy-by-pharmacy sales reports fast enough.


The first order of business was to implement a more reliable and robust hosting solution for the raw data. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) was selected primarily for its massive data storage and processing capabilities.

All historical sales data was lifted into Google Cloud Storage, transformed into a relational data structure in BigQuery, and refreshed every 15 minutes. This took a team of 3 GrowthOps specialists just 4 days to complete.

Next we focussed on getting actionable data into the hands of users through a web-based Blooms Reporting Tool. After 3 weeks, the new reporting dashboards were in production, seamlessly delivering the reports that the legacy data application struggled to provide, plus some.


In just 3 weeks, GrowthOps delivered to Blooms a new data extraction, transformation and load (ETL) process for historical and ongoing POS transaction data.

A streamlined web-based reporting tool was built to replace the legacy application, putting up-to-the-minute data into the hands of Blooms users. Critical sales reports that had previously taken over 6 minutes to generate were now available in a matter of seconds.

No longer hampered by data access issues, Blooms data scientists could now focus on interrogating over 23 million lines of transaction data to identify opportunities for innovation and growth.

We now have better visibility of our customer and sales data than we’ve ever had.

Lee Savage, Business Lead

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